Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Oh how exciting, my first beauty post!

So last week, I got paid (not much, but any amount is fine by me). I was recklessly scrolling through online shops throwing random things into the basket, so desperate to throw my money around (I'm very sure I'm not the only person who does this when they've just received a fresh pay cheque). I didn't know what I wanted! It's not even like I actually needed anything at that very moment. That's when I remembered where my previous web searches had lead me. GlossyBox. Its a girly girls little dream In a box really. It's a little slice of heaven sent straight to your door once a month. A box filled with 5 full sized high end beauty products.

So I know its November now, I only received my box about 5 days ago. This is the October box. Its so cute, I love it! I have given each of the little bits a try and this is what I thought:

LanoLips, 101 Lip Ointment:

This product is great for me. Not only does it keep your lips nourished through the bitter cold Autumn/Winter days, but it also gives your lips a lovely glossy shine. Its very thick, so the tube needs to be given a bit of a squeeze to get the product flowing at first. Its got the same kind of texture as petroleum jelly, That just says it all really, its proper. Its a proper little lips aid. We always hear about those lip balms that supposedly dry out your lips, in order for you to carry on re-applying which results in excessive use of the product so you end up buying more and more. Well this product doesn't dry out my lips. Now, I'm not saying it stays on my lips for a long time, because it doesn't, it does disappear after a little while. But what i like, is that it leaves my lips feeling soft, moisturised and a little pillow like. Yes the tube is small, but you only need a very small amount of balm for it to cover your lips, as you warm it between your fingers with melts the product meaning you can spread it a lot easier. Going back to the second benefit of this lovely little product, the glossy effect. It acts like a clear lip gloss. A nice thick clear lip gloss. I find it has a sort of contouring effect, the high shine to this balm gives the illusion of plumper lips. £7.99. You may think this is a little pricey for a lip balm, but I 100% back this product. This product is currently available at There is also a fabulous little deal going on t boots at the moment! When you buy Lanolips Banana Balm Lip Sheen you can grab yourself a free Lip Ointment with Colour SPF. But hurry! This offer is only available until November 24th 2015!

Nicka K, Airbrush Blending Sponge:

I love this blending sponge. It's so soft and squidgy. If you are a contour queen then you need to get yourself this product. It brilliant for blending all of the different shades of your contour palette together on your face without mixing them all into one colour and going all horribly and cakey on your face. It helps to create dimension to your face. You should use a mixture of soft and firm dabbing motions depending on the shade of the foundation you are blending as part of your contour. I have compared this one to a very cheap one I bought from eBay. The eBay one just kind of lifted the prodUct from my face instead of patting it onto my skin. This one however stays perfectly, and like the name suggests leaves your skin nice and even like you have been photoshopped. I love it! Its a bargain at £6.50. Shop for this product at

Jelly Pong Pong, Play Paint:

This is a very unique little product. It really is like paint. The tube is even designed like an actual tube of acrylic paint that you'd find in the art department of a secondary school. Except with a slightly more cute and girly approach, with an adorable little vintage carousel print. It even smells like pick'n'mix sweets . That would be the Rhubarb extract. Be careful when you go to use this, it comes out quite thick and fast. It is recommended that you use the tiniest amount, literally the size of a grain of rice, because a little goes a long way. You may think "wow", when you first see the product come out of the tube. Its rather bright But fear not. It acts as a lip and cheek stain. It just stains your skin. It adds a beautifully pinky coloured flush of healthy colour to your face. Its perfect for these cold Wintery days when your skin might be looking a bit worse for wear. What's great is that it doesn't dry your skin out like a lot of lip and cheek stains do, so it really is a must have winter cosmetic. You can get this product at just £8.95 from

Talika, Photo-hydra Day:

This moisturiser leaves my skin feeling soooo soft and smooth. I'm quite bad at moisturising, i never do it. I find it to be a chore. But this product makes me want to moisturise more often. It has a different look, texture and consistency to regular moisturisers. It's slightly transparent, and not the pure white or cream colour like most. It looks more like a gel. It effortlessly rubs into the skin, leaving it feeling so very naturally hydrated. Its great for this time of year, Autumn/Winter. Think of it as a full body skin primer, you're priming it for the cold weather. You're protecting it from the cold, you're giving it a moisture defence. The small print on the back of the tube suggests you should use it every morning to a clean and cleansed face, neck and decollete. It's not strongly perfumed either, its got quite a fresh smell. For some reason it reminds me of my recent holiday to Greece, Don't ask me why. I was pleasantly surprised by this product. I highly recommended! You can by this little saviour from for £24.85.

So Susan, Haute Light Highlighting Pencil:

This is probably my favourite product inside this months GlossyBox. Its 110% going to be my most used product, I will most likely be buying another one when it has run out. Its a crayon pencil type thing. Yes its makeup. I have been using it to highlight my brow bone. I am a brow girl. I love a good brow. I love a statement string Cara like eyebrow. I follow the bottom of my eyebrows with this crayon, from start to the the tail of the brow. It really illuminates the face, it gives dimension. It also makes your eyebrows look a lot neater if you tend to fill in your eyebrows using a pencil, gel or powder. It helps to clean up and rough bits. You can also use this on the water line of your eyes to make them pop, and make them look wider and brighter. This little trick is great if you've had a heavy night and your eyes are telling the world you are a bit tired and hungover. It can also be used to highlight the cheekbones and also the cupids bow to make your lips look slightly larger. Its got a slight peach tone to this product, its nice and easy and glides on easily so doesn't cause any irritation. If you fancy seeing for yourself why i love this crayon so much, you can buy it from

Check back later this month for the November GlossyBox unboxing!


  1. Love this, that jelly thing is so cool! P.S. Adore your nail polish colour! Haha.

    Excited to keep updated with you! Glad I found your blog! :)