Monday, 9 November 2015


Lace-up is one of those looks that will just completely make an outfit, no matter how plain-jane. My friends and I have really 'gone to town' on this trend..

Lace up heels gang!

I'm rubbish at posing, what is my foot doing, and why do I have my hand on my hip.. such a cringe pose

Cant really see the shoes which was kind of the aim, but this is my favourite photo from the night..
You may or may not have noticed a little something in these photos. By complete accident, a total coincidence, 4 of 6 of us wore lace up heels of some kind that night (Even one of the other 2 girls (Beth on the far right of the first photo) had actual proper old fashioned laces on her shoe boots so you could even say 4 and a half out of 6 girls wore lace ups) We were so all in sync that night! Perfect opportunity for photos and a perfect addition to my blog. 

My Look: 

I teamed my lovely lace-ups with a simple grey jersey midi skirt. It's petite of course, but it also comes in the regular length also, possibly even plus size online but you'd have to check up on that! Its new in at the moment, so there will be plenty of these online and in store. It's a great piece to have in your wardrobe, as it can be put together with a whole host of different colours and styles of top.

The white crop top is from boohoo, its one from their basics range so was dirt cheap! It's very cropped, I would say borderline bralet, so much so i had to be careful when i stretched my arms in to the air because I flashed a bit of my bra a few times.. 

The clutch is quite an old item from Primark. It's a pretty pastel blue colour. It's really big, and its not structured so the material meant a lot could fit in to it which is always nice!

I curled my hair a bit too, which is rare for me because i very very rarely do anything to my hair, I never style it in any way at all. I hardly even go anywhere with it in a pony tail (except the gym and sometimes to college if I'm feeling lazy or ill). I twisted my hair with my fingers then wrapped small to medium sized sections around my trusty Babyliss Pro Curl Wand, this gives you curls that you can brush out to make mermaid like waves instead of tight ringlets. This curling wand has seen me through years and years of curling, it has adjustable heat settings too, and the barrel is the perfect size. It's on offer at the moment over at

Also, when on  night out, remember your setting spray ladies! You don't want to get half way through the night and your make-up has migrated from your face now do you. I recommend Urban Decay All  Nighter Make-up Setting Spray in Long Lasting. This also comes in climate control and an oil control one too if you've got extra oily skin. I've only recently started using this product and I can 100% see a difference in the durability of my foundation especially. I've always had trouble with my foundation staying on, because my skin is combination so a  mixture of oily and dry. Not nice! I'm so happy I found this product, and what's better is that its suitable for all skin types! It may seem a little pricey, but I think its worth every penny. These setting sprays also come in miniature travel sizes, so if you wanted to try it out at a cheaper price before committing to buy the full sized one, that's an option!


  1. I looooved your outfit Amber - and of course the heels! And I was gonna say that your hair looked epic! Hope you had a fun night! :)