Tuesday, 17 November 2015


It's that time again, so soon. Although I had to wait slightly longer to get mine because, just my luck, Mr. Postman decided to pay my house a visit whilst I was away at college.. So I took a trip down to the post office yesterday afternoon to collect my parcel (Which stood out like a sore thumb amongst all of the regular ugly brown and plastic parcels dominating the shelf, just look at the pretty box!)

So lets take a look at what's inside this months box..

Royal Apothic, Body Lotion:

First look at this product, absolutely beautiful. The design of the packaging is very Parisian esque. Very pretty pastel shades of yellow, blue and the odd pink flower detail on the sides of the box. The box is also slightly textured giving it an expensive feel. I'm a sucker for pretty packaging, if something comes in a nice box I'll keep it. This body lotion smells divine. Its very lightly fragranced, it's subtle but just the right amount. Its a beautiful texture too, its quite thick but it rubs into the skin effortlessly and leaves it feeling so very moisturised and smooth. Unfortunately this product is the travel sized one, but I'm actually quite impressed with it's size! The full sized product is a little on the expensive side at £14.50, but i think it's worth the money. You're getting a very stylish design, a real asset to you dressing table, and a quality body lotion too.  To buy this product and have a look at their other uniquely designed and high quality products, click here.

The Parisian design is carried on from the packaging to the actual tube of lotion!

 MUA, Eye shadow Palette 'Undressed':

Now I'm no stranger to MUA. They are fab. Dirt cheap, brilliant products. My first MUA purchase was in fact one of their eye shadow palettes, not this one however so this was a lovely surprise when I opened my box! Their products start at the amazing price of £1, and I don't think many of their product exceed the £8 mark. Budget buy, but also a good quality buy. So, this palette, 'Undressed'. A beautiful selection of subtle autumnal colours, browns, beiges, greens and greys. There are a few matte's in here to compliment the smouldering shimmers of the on trend metallics. The pigmentation of these little eye shadows are great. However I suggest investing in a decent eye-shadow primer, because without a base then these have the tendency to crease and disappear from your lids. But at £4, you can't go wrong with this product. The colours of this palette, are near enough a duplicate to the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, which at a staggering £38 is almost 10 times the price. You could create a killer autumn smoky eye with this stunning set, and still have plenty of pennies left to but more make-up goodies (I suggest a primer). MUA products are available in all Superdrug stores around the UK, online at and on the MUA website.

From left to right: Puff, Rose Ash, Fawn, Gild, Hazel, Lion

From left to right: Bronze Ocre, Burnished Brown, Tawny, Henna, Fuel, Cool Grey

Eylure, Natural Lashes:

I am no stranger to Eylure either, and especially no stranger to the Naturalites. I have quite big eyes, so I find that I don't really need or even suit big, thick over the top eyelashes. These are perfect for me, they add just the right amount of length and volume i need to make my eyes pop. I team this with a few coats of my Kiko Luxurious Lashes Extra Volume Brush Mascara for a more dramatic look, or on their own for a subtle daytime look. These strip lashes are wonderfully lightweight, so if applied correctly and in the best position you will forget you even have any on at all!  The glue that comes in the box is excellent, they keep the lashes secure all night. Even in a club environment. I've even worn false lashes on a fairground ride before and they've stayed put! These are a must-have that you can use again and again. At £5 they are a steal. You can grab these at most of the leading supermarkets, drugstores including and and also on the Eylure website.

Emite, Emite Diamond Heart Primer:

What a coincidence. My trusty Smashbox primer is on its last legs, I have been meaning to buy another decent primer, however my bank account is not looking very plump at this moment in time. So you can imagine my delight when I found this little travel sized gem in this months Glossybox. I've never heard of the brand Emite, but it looks very elite. The price of a full sized primer costs around £25, so its in the same bracket as the likes of Smashbox, Mac and Benefit. Priming my skin before foundation application has become a ritual for me, I never used to use primer, but ever since a friend bought me a taster Smashbox gift set for my birthday I've never stopped using it. It makes such a different, it just makes your foundation look so much more natural on your skin. This product comes out of the tube a sort of orangey-peach colour, but blends in to your natural skin colour when rubbed in and evenly distributed. It leaves your skin soft to the touch and leaves you with the perfect base to work your make up magic! It helps your foundation to stay on all day and last longer. You can buy this product at

A classy minimalistic design (Excuse my chipped nail varnish..)

Revlon, Super Lustrous Lipstick ' Matte, 001, Nude Attitude':

It was use, the subscribers chance to choose which shade we received in our November boxes. I however forgot to go online and choose the shade that I wanted. I'm relieved that the nude colour got delivered to me, because I was routing for it! I'm not a big lipstick wearer, of the bright and bold kind i mean. I'm a nude lip lover, because I'm all about the eyes and eyebrows, I'd rather have my eyes pop than any attention being drawn to my horribly thin lips..  It looks quite brown from the picture below, but in fact its actually got a slight peachy hue. Very wearable, suitable for day and night wear! Its got a creamy texture, so at first thought you may think it would come off at the first sip of a drink. But if you prime your lips before application then it will stay on a lot longer. I recommended using one of the Sugar scrubs from Lush. You can buy this product for £7.99 at leading drug stores including and (Revlon is almost always on offer!)

So that's this months Glossybox all wrapped up! I'm already so excited for next months Rose Gold collectors edition! 

I will be uploading a selfie to Instagram at some time today or this week, where i will be wearing the eye shadow, lipstick, eyelashes and primer on my face! So keep checking back!


  1. I have always wanted to try out Makeup Academy! Lovely post X

    Check out my blog!

    1. thanks lovely! yeah MUA is one of the budget makeup brands, but still rather good quality and variety, especially their eyeshadow range. I will definitely add your blog to my favourites tab, you should keep up to date with mine too!xxx