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My biggest problem has always been the clarity of my skin. I have notoriously oily skin. Well I say oily, what I actually mean is 'combination', so its oily/normal/dry. But yes mainly oily unfortunately. I feel as though I have tried every affordable skin care product available over the counter. Nothing really seems to work. When I have small spots and blemishes I usually find cleansers and toners formulated to fight such skin problems help to keep acne away. However at this very moment in time I'm struggling with a path of acne on my cheek and nothing is working for me. This happens a lot. I'll have a lovely period of time where my skin is near enough clear with the odd spot here or there and then a horrible few weeks or months where I constantly have spots. One goes and three more appear.

So I ask, what actually works? I have recently bought a small hoard of what the industry now calls 'teen skin' products. Each one has a special key ingredient that claims to be the ultimate spot fighting agent. Well I have nothing to lose, so I'm going to try them all.

Key ingredient: Salicylic Acid

So I do get blackheads too, but blackheads don't effect my confidence as such, because they are not that visible and can be easily covered up. The reason I purchased this particular product isn't because of its initial tag-line. It's actually because of a product I bought from Neutrogena in the past called 'Spot Stress Control Cleansing Lotion'. Obviously that particular lotion did actually fit more to my problem of inflamed spots and blemishes. However I haven't been able to find it any where! I'm guessing its been discontinued. Which is a shame because it was great. It was actually one of my very first skin care products that I bought for myself when I was just creeping through the teenage door of 13.

This is the most similar product that I could find from Neutrogena. It feels the same on my skin which makes me think it has the same ingredients. It makes my skin tingle and almost sting. It might sound weird but I love that feeling, it sends a sort of 'It's working' signal to my brain. If that's such a thing, you must know what I'm getting at though.

It doesn't really have a fragrance. If any then I would say maybe a slight alcoholic smell. And I mean more straight vodka than Jagermeister! Some may smell it and think that it would be no good for sensitive skin, but I disagree. You could say that spotty skin is sensitive, and this is designed for that. So fear not. It doesn't irritate my skin or cause my annoying dry patches to make an appearance.

I think the key advantage of this particular product is that it deeply penetrates your pores meaning that ever smudge of makeup is eliminated! So even if you haven't got excessively problematic skin, this is great for removing foundation.

Where to buy: Large supermarkets, Boots, Superdrug
Price: £3-£4.

Key ingredient: Tea Tree Oil

The Body Shop is the ultimate holy grail of skin care brands. They live and breathe skincare. Their core values are to source their ingredients naturally and ethically, meaning their products can only be the purest. I have always had total faith in this brand. This is the first time I've tried anything from their blemish care range. I've always known tea tree to be a spot fighting agent, so when I saw this particular product I was excited. The tea tree oil in this product is sourced from the foothills of Mount Kenya which gives it some added luxury to go with their new classy packaging; It claims to be mattifying. Now this was extremely appealing to me as I suffer with masses of excess oil on my face, so I'm forever trying to find solutions to this and this is the first liquid formula I've tried.

When I use this, I do actually notice a decrease in oil for at least a day after use. I'm yet to find out if this has a long term affect, but so far so good in terms of a short fix. The mattifying agents in this product are actually powder pigments which you shake to activate. I think this gives this product a real unique selling point.  It leaves my skin feeling very clean as it gets rid of traces of make-up that can even be left behind after washing your face, it really digs down in to your pores. A lot like the Neutrogena cleansing lotion, it makes my skin tingle, which I love.

It smells strongly of tea tree, now this isn't a particularly gentle smell but it is natural. I think its a 'love it or hate it' sort of fragrance and I personally love it. It just smells fresh and lovely.

I can't really fault this product if I'm honest! The only thing I would say is don't use this product to remove eye-makeup because tea tree can sting your eyes! Apply a few drops to a cotton pad and white around face with particular attention to areas of spots and redness.

Where to buy: The Body Shop and
Price: £5.50-£6.

Key ingredient: Pink grapefruit

Oil free moisturizers are a god send! Plus this one is from one of my favourite teen skin ranges under the Neutrogena brand. It is important to moisturize your skin even when you get spots. Moisturizing keeps the quality of your skin in check and in the long run improves the overall appearance of your skin. People with spot prone skin tend to be scared to moisturize and I was no exception. Well that was until I found out about moisturizers without the oil. Now I'm not entirely sure how that even works without oil, but the fact is it does work, so I'm asking no questions about it. 

The texture is beautifully light, not thick like that of a moisture for normal skin. The thickness of this product means it quickly absorbs in to the skin not leaving behind any clumps in your pores. I tend to get patches of dry skin around my nose/cheek area, so this product is perfect to treat my flaky skin without creating a breeding ground for more blemishes. This product is mainly for moisture but it does in fact help reduce the appearance of spots and helps to reduce redness caused by these.

The fragrance is beautifully fruity. Pink grapefruit Is a lovely smell. Very fresh and just strong enough to leave a slight sent on your skin. Don't be worried about the fact its fragranced though, if your skin is quite sensitive it shouldn't be a problem.

This product is so good for oily skin types and it means we can keep this key step of our skin care routine very much IN instead of out due to being scared of extra oil being applied to already oily skin.

(I think there must be a record breaking amount of uses of the word 'Moisturizing and oily in this review..)

Key ingredient: Nicotinamide

I first started using Freederm in my early teens, not this exact product but their original spot cream. I didn't get along with it if I'm completely honest. However, my boyfriend introduced me to this spin-off product. Still a spot cream, but it claims to fight the appearance of spots in just three hours. He said it was his go to product, so I gave it a go. To my surprise it actually worked! I'm not entirely sure on the three hour tagline, however when applied before bed and left to work over night, I woke up to delight at the sight of visibly reduced and previously inflamed spots.

This product is great for someone who may just get a spot or small break out every once in a while, however if you're like me and have an on going problem, then this product isn't really for you. I have a feeling that my skin has actually got used to the cream after so many uses, that it actually no longer has an affect on my spots. So annoying!

This product has next to no fragrance and a lovely light and velvety texture. Its very easy to rub into the skin, however make sure its completely rubbed in if you're going out or expecting company as if too much is applied it can dry flaky and white, not a good look! This has happened to me many times much to the embarrassment of my boyfriend.

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