Thank you for stumbling across my piece of the internet. 

My name is Amber-Rose Hurst and I'm a full-time student from Oxford, England. Im in my final of studying Magazine Journalism and Design at The University of Gloucestershire, and i'm absolutely loving it. Just knowing that I'm one step closer to my dream is great. That's one reason why I'm here: to build up a bit of a writing portfolio to help me in future career opportunities maybe? Hopefully? Oh god. Scary. I think I might be getting a bit ahead of myself. Im trying really hard to cling on to being a child with the bare minimum of responsibilities. I am NOT ready to adult. Anyway, this blog will be a sort of platform for me to further my skills and do what I love most, which is to write. So hopefully through time, you'll be able to see my progression and see me develop in to a better writer.