After what has been dubbed one of London's most 'Instagrammable' cafes (See Vogue's: The Most Instagrammable Places in London)  I just had to pay this pretty pink little building a visit.  After all, my Instagram photo-taking is pretty poor, So I thought great, what a perfect way to take some cute snaps.. and eat a sugar-packed, butter-cream piled cupcake whilst on a healthy eating whim. 
Will power: 0. 

So on a day with temperatures that plummeted to -3, I made my way through the rabbit warren that is the ever so posh Belgravia, SW1. Yes, there were Bentley's outside every other house and yes I had approximately 3 moments of day-dreaming wherein each I lived a lavish life in one of these beautiful white pillar boasting mansions.


I could tell immediately where the Cafe was, quite simply due to the absolute swarm of people queued outside on the tiny corner of London that Peggy Porschen Cakes calls home. A part of me said 'It's not worth it, you're queueing for a cake, go to Costa' but then my eyes clocked the biggest and most regal slice of Victoria sponge cake I ever did see. Anyone that knows me knows I love cake, a lot. So I continued to queue outside for around 15 to 20 minutes, during which time I think I lost a few toes to frostbite in my gorgeous but poor choice of footwear (You need these in your life).  


I had the choice to be sat in the toasty warm or outside in the blisteringly cold wind, naturally, I said outside, of course. Who on earth am I and why did I agree to be frozen alive. Well, all for the love of caffeine and cake. The service was class A. We were given fleece blankets to compensate for the weather which was a nice touch, however, outdoor heaters would have been bliss.  


The menus were full of mouth-watering cupcakes and other dessert options including treats like French macaroons and chocolate brownies. I went for the red velvet cupcake and my friend for the Salted Caramel Chocolate option. Now I'm not exaggerating, it was the most amazing cupcake I've ever had, ever. If the price point wasn't so high, I reckon I could have had a whole platter of them and scoffed one of every flavour. We are talking about £5.00 for a cupcake and £3.60 for a latte. If you order one of their award-winning Belgian hot chocolates or a cappuccino, they add a little cocoa dusting design on top. We only got polka-dots but I spied some seriously intricate ones across the surrounding tables.  

If the weather wasn't so chilly, I would have indulged and savoured every tiny mouthful of sponge. However its England, the weather is very rarely our friend. So I did what I do best and scoffed the whole thing in roughly 5 seconds. My party trick is also to down hot beverages quickly. So after about 10 minutes of being sat down, we had paid and left the table.

That photo

Of course, I couldn't leave without a photo under the famous flowery arch that graces the grand door to the cafe. Kind of awkward with a crowd of freezing tourists staring at me intently whilst I was trying out my every facial pose to get the picture to turn out at list a little bit okay. Oh and I love sunglasses, they cover your whole face so all you've got to worry about is your smile or pout or whatever. I'm really not the most photogenic or confident but hallelujah I came away with some half-decent photos.

So when you decide to visit Peggy Porschen, here are some simple tips to make the very most of your trip:

  • Do not go when temperatures are anything below 5 degrees - there is a high chance that you will have to sit outside, and in nice sunny weather, this makes a nicer photo. However, in cold weather, the last thing on your mode is getting the perfect candid shot.
  • Order a Hot Chocolate/Cappuccino - you have to get the pretty pattern on your drink, otherwise, what's the point!
  • Order a layer cake as well as a cupcake - I wish I did this, they look unbelievable. Very photogenic.
  • Remember how much you will be spending - it is expensive, and they do add on service charge which can be an unpleasant little surprise if you're not expecting it especially If like me you are a broke student. 
  • Think about the time you visit- If you go morning, it's less likely to be busy. That's if you don't mind cake for breakfast. Why not? But the chances are you're going to go lunchtime or afternoon for a shopping break. It will be busy and there will be queues like I found out. So think about this if you need to be elsewhere, it's not as simple as turning up and sitting down straight away!
  • Take photos! - it's a crime not to...

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