We are in the midst of a pandemic. The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted all of our lives in more ways than one. This week, us Brits have really felt the full force. Boris Johnson has just started daily press conferences keeping the public updated about new advice and decisions being made regarding the outbreak. Schools and colleges are closing until further notice, many retailers have closed their doors and non-essential travel is now banned. And while gyms and leisure centres haven't yet been shut down, we are all filled with so much anxiety that the thought of stepping into one is strictly off-limits. 

We don't know for sure when things will get back to normal. But it doesn't mean that every aspect of life has to be put on hold. Being stuck indoors doing absolutely nothing is certainly not good for an individual’s mental and physical state. So, just because we can’t go out and keep fit, doesnt mean we can’t keep fit in the comfort of our own homes! I have just started getting back into the gym and eating well, so this whole thing has really taken a hit on my life too, and I have found a solution. 

Many fitness accounts including businesses and bloggers are coming together in this difficult time to provide free home workouts for everyone. What's best, is that these guys are all professionals and usually require you to pay for a subscription to access the content! So, here is my pick of some of the best to keep you fit, sane and motivated: 


One of Grace Beverley's many business ventures, Shreddy is an app and online community full of gym bunnies of all levels. The app requires a subscription to access workouts, meal plans and more. But today they announced on Instagram that they will be doing a 14-day challenge available for all to join. Each day they will be posting a new home workout that focuses on a different area each day, from full-body HIIT to stretching and booty burn!


This week, Barry's announced that they would be bringing their workouts to Instagram live and IGTV! Barry's is an American based fitness brand offering 'the best workouts in the world'. They now have gyms all over the world. You can now join in some of their workouts from the comfort of your own home. None of them require any sort of specialist equipment meaning anyone can join and reap the benefits!

Results. Wellness. Lifestyle:

This next business belongs to The Only Way Is Essex star Lucy Mecklenburgh. The app offers all kinds of home workouts, including specialised workouts for pregnant women and new mothers! On their Instagram page you can find their timetable. Each day they are offering a different live fitness class to keep you on track. Some of these include Weighted HIIT, Kettlebell Blast and Abs Like Slabs.

Joe wicks

Joe Wicks (a.k.a The Body Coach) is best known for his Lean in 15 cookbooks, online videos and workout guides. As a response to school closures, he has today revolved that he will be doing daily P.E lessons for kids every morning! He will also be doing some for adults too, he collaborated with Ellie Goulding a couple of days ago for a star-studded live workout.

Krissy Cela:

Krissy is a fitness blogger with almost 2 million followers. She's also an ambassador for Women's Best and is the founder of successful fitness app Tone & Sculpt. She has always been great with sharing top fitness tips to help you work out in the gym but has recently shifted focus to home workouts in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. A few of her most recent videos include no fancy equipment, but utilise household items like tea towels and the sofa.